Telephone Answering Services

Personal Answering Services

Every call is answered by a live agent with a greeting specified by your organization providing an enhanced personal touch for your customers and a corporate identity for your firm.

Emergency Dispatching Service íV Middleman Service

APG Business Services Ltd. understands the reliability and trust that comes with administering emergency dispatch services. We provide a seamless link between our client and caller. After capturing all the necessary information from the caller we as a middleman relay the message accurately and quickly to our clients.

Property Management

APG Business Services Ltd. understands the importance of decisive action that must be taken by Property Managers in response to tenant calls. Our skilled and dedicated telephone agents provide the support that you need, whether you manage I single property or 100, our state of the art systems ensure that each and every call is answered promptly by experienced agents, and if warranted,

Dispatched efficiently and received accurately by the appropriate super or building manager.

Customer Complaint Hotlines

APG Business Services Ltd. understands that customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors in running a successful firm. It is something we pride ourselves on and believe our clients do as well. APG Business Services Ltd. handle your customer complaints. Our experienced and polite staff will record your customers complaints and relay them to the necessary parties according to your account protocol.

Ticketing Sales

APG Business Services Ltd. understands that when the "phone rings its money" and knows that any call that goes unanswered could be a missed sale. APG Business Services Ltd.'s agents are on call 24 hours a day to field the hundreds of calls that come along with the ever popular attractions in Hong Kong . Let APG Business Services Ltd. handle all your ticketing sales needs.

Order Processing

APG Business Services Ltd. knows that in order to succeed in business a firm must specialize. Let APG Business Services Ltd. process all of your firms order so you can focus on manufacturing and marketing your product. Our agents are on call 24 hours and answer callers with your company specified script. All necessary information will be recorded by our agents and then sent to your on call personnel.

Survey/ Market Testing

APG Business Services Ltd. can gather satisfaction surveys, opinion polls, customer responses in a clear, impartial and organized manner. Summary reports will give you an accurate view of the results. Test new markets, mailing lists, or catalogs without expanding your in-house staff.

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