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"APG Business Services specialize in developing custom inbound and outbound telemarketing service solutions for businesses."

Telemarketing Service Solutions

Many people hear the term telemarketing service and they cringe. The first thought that pops into ones mind is the annoying telephone calls you get trying to sell you something just as you are sitting down to dinner. Yet telemarketing is so much more than that. Telemarketing is any type of marketing that is conducted over the telephone. In fact, most telemarketing calls are not cold calls, but targeted calls to a select pre qualified audience. With cold calling it usually means that the recipient of the call has not requested that the telemarketer contact them. Telemarketing is effective, but it also very controversial. It can be very annoying to those who receive such calls.

Outbound telephone calls are just one of the many facets of telemarketing. Telemarketing can be used when a Doctor wants to remind patients of check ups. It can be used to announce an emergency or change of policy. Our telemarketing can be utilized by companies who need to conduct surveys or fundraiser's. In addition to selling your products or services, reminders, and surveys, our outbound telemarketing can be used to generate and qualify leads, clean and update marketing lists, fundraiser, and register people for an event.

There are many different forms of telemarketing services. In addition to outbound telemarketing, there is also something called inbound telemarketing. Inbound telemarketers are skilled at gathering information, and processing orders. These orders are generated from calls that ring into the call center. Many people are calling a call center to place an order, schedule an appointment or inquire about a product or service. These are all examples of telemarketing.

There are many different types of telemarketing campaigns we can manage. We can coordinate one time campaigns or multiple telemarketing campaigns over time. If you are in a rush and need to capitalize on a change in your business environment ASAP, we can often setup our telemarketing service very quickly, sometimes as little as a few days. We can conduct national telemarketing as well as local telemarketing, depending on your needs. If you do not have a marketing list, we can provide one adhering to all national do not call standards. If you are targeting small businesses, large businesses, non profit organizations, consumers, or private residents, we can organize the right service to fit your needs.